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Whether you’re looking to earn extra cash in your spare time or are looking for a new career, Avon is the company for you.

The amount of time and effort you put into it is entirely up to you. Suitable for both men and women, you can work around your existing job or your family and children.

Everyone who joins Avon starts as a sales representative so when you need advice, rest assured that the people you will be talking to have been where you are and have asked the same questions. You will receive full training and all the help and support you need to help you make a success of your new venture.

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Full Training & Support

When you join Avon, you get the benefit of experienced sales leaders to give you all the help and support you need to ensure you are on the road to success

Hours to Suit You

The beauty of Avon is that you can plan your hours to suit your lifestyle. Whether you have young children or are working and looking to earn extra income

Brochures & Marketing

You will receive brochures and all the marketing material you could need to ensure you have a successful start to your new Avon Venture

Online Account and Shop

Once you have joined, you will get your own online account so you can manage your customers and your orders. You will also have your own online shop

Join Avon today and take it as far as you want to go.

Click the application button below and join today. You can start as slowly or as fast as you want. There is no pressure when you become an Avon representative, the hours you work are totally up to you. You can earn as little or as much as you want. Watch the testimony of Debbie Davis opposite, when being interviewed on GMTV

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Avon Testimonials

  • I joined Avon in 2013. Avon is so easy to sell! Everyone has heard of Avon, so the products sell themselves. After a few campaigns, I thought I would like to build my own team of reps. Avon is not hard work, all I had to do was to follow the formula that my team above me had put into place. Slowly but surely I have built a team of ladies and a few gents, and now some of them are building their own teams. There has been so much support from the people that got me started and from Avon too.
    Jayne Walker
    Sales Leader
  • After helping run our family business for 18 years, I decided to cut down my hours and work from home. I had been a rep twice before and had only given up each time as my circumstances had changed. I signed up again in 2014, and was a little nervous when told what I had to sell to get my commissions. I didn’t have any family close by and wasn’t sure if friends would like it. Well I loved Avon so I decided to tell everyone I knew, I didn’t feel I was selling, I actually felt I was doing them a favour. I am now a Gold Presidents Club member and Senior coordinator. Avon is like a hobby to me but I’m earning too, meeting lovely people and being my own boss - I love it.
    Cherryl Darcy
    Senior Coordinator - Gold Presidents Club Member
  • It’s amazing how exciting building an Avon business is, working around the “day job”in the hours that suit me and my family. . I have found Avon easy, just by leaving the brochure with family, friends and neighbours – I get orders with absolutely no need to sell. Most people have no idea that there are two sides to the Avon business,they all know about being a representative, who isn’t aware of “ding dong Avon calling” – but almost no one knows about the team building side of Avon. In early 2014 I started to look for people who wanted to earn a little extra doing Avon, in February 2014 my team had combined sales of around £950, by November 2015, just 22 months later they had grown to over £91,500. I now have one of the biggest teams in the UK!
    Jane Philpott
    VIP Ambassador - Gold Plus Presidents Club